The Bible is the most published, read and least understood book in the world.  The word “least” correctly defines man’s present perception of this most important book.  The words least understood means that of the millions of books written, there is not one that presents itself as more of a mystery. Hidden within its pages is the answer to why man exists and his astonishing future. Coupled with this is the claim that the Bible is the essence of truth.  Both of these truths are hidden from the typical man because he sees the Bible as a collection of made up fanciful stories about man’s history. Sadly, today’s church leaders who claim to know the truth are simply lost in traditions.

What man has been unable to see is that within the pages of the Bible is a mathematical-cylindrical proof which confirms these so called fanciful stories are, in fact the truth of man’s walk with God on this earth.

It is only through the efforts of studying the Bible that brings understanding of the book as moral truth. Does the Bible have indisputable proof that it is truth?  Yes: it is proved by placing every event of this book into a calendar of days, weeks, months and years without missing or adding a single day or event of its history.  This is the element of accountability that removes all doubt from the mystery of the Bible by providing an accurate dating of events which establishes a provable biblical calendar. All possibility of error is removed.  This work removes all doubt.   Consider the many authors of the Bible who lived in places and times not connected, but whose record of events is seamlessly joined as shown by this calendar.  This cannot be the work of men, but the work of the Living God.

Chapter 8 of Ezekiel shows the accuracy of this revelation. It begins by giving a specific day, month and year. “And it came to pass in the sixth year, in the sixth month, in the fifth day of the month.”  This chapter goes on to show the abomination of “sun worship” in God’s temple.  This, as well as many other time stamp dates are passed over, but have great significance as this event, by no coincidence, happened on a Sunday, and are pointed out in the Calendar Generator on the web site: www.biblicalcalendarproof.com for the year 528 BC.  This event in Ezekiel should be of great importance today, yet is not understood by today’s “church,” which has changed the pagan worship day of the sun, into the worship of the day of the “Son.”

In the year 2007 I was challenged by the following statement: “You observe days and events you claim are biblical without any proof that what you are observing is factual time required by God.” The challenger was quiet confident that he had stymied me, as no one had ever accomplished the feat of placing the Bible on a calendar which joins perfectly with the present Gregorian calendar and accurately covers more the than 6,000 years of God’s creation.

As an engineer, problem solving was my prime occupation for more than 30 years, and to not solve a problem was anathema for me. The subject of biblical time was not something I had studied, or had any interest in studying.  Problems are solved by breaking them down into smaller parts.  In this case the smallest part of the calendar would be the 24 hour day.  Looking past the designation of hours, and seeing the day as one revolution of the earth it becomes factual.  It is not disputable. Man is without power to change the movement of the celestial bodies. Therefore, a calendar based on those movements is not disputable.

As I pondered the problem of the time element which would prove the Bible to be factual there was a serious flood in the area where I live in the spring of 2008. This event prompted me to re-read the account of the worldwide flood in the Book of Genesis, chapters 7 & 8.  By carefully reading this account I now saw what I had missed in reading it so many times before.  It was a revelation that the year of the flood was clearly documented as 385 days in length.  No one had ever pointed this out to me and this number was an unheard of truth for the length of the year as far as I knew.  This information has not been promoted as far as the flood story is presently taught.  As the Bible is factual this number of days had to be based on some factual account that I was not aware of.

Could the Bible be in error, or could the translators be mistaken in their reading of the Hebrew Scriptures? Further study proved there was no error – 385 was correct.  As the Bible is accurate this number had to be based on some astronomical account that I was not aware of.

The only year length I was familiar with was the 12 month division of our present 365 day year.  After considerable investigation, I came to the conclusion that the Bible has a two tiered system of time. One is the solar year, consisting of one trip of the earth about the sun, counted in 365.242 revolutions of the earth.

The process of discovery for this work was much like the first person to discover a passageway through a mountain range.  One may have many tries before succeeding. This was the same for me.

At this time a friend pointed out to me the work of a little known Jewish bookkeeper named E. H. Lindo, who lived in England in the early part of the eighteen hundreds.  His meticulous work gave me a starting point to delve deeper into this biblical mystery.

In reviewing his work it became clear to me that he had used the Metonic Cycle, but failed to correctly identify the right cycle which placed the first day of that cycle on a Sunday, day one of the creation week.  By simply re-numbering his cycles, it places them in the proper starting order and the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly. The mystery is solved!

God’s calendar is determined by the astronomical cycle which is 19 years and is known as THE METONIC CYCLE.  This cycle is composed of one rotation of the earth – a day – while the earth traverses one cycle about the sun – which is a solar year. That is 365 and not quite – a quarter rotations of the earth, making up the solar year.  It takes 13 of these 19 – year cycles to make a complete series of Metonic cycles.

As the earth circles the sun, the moon is circling the earth. On average it takes 29 and a bit more than one half of a rotation of the earth for the moon to circle the earth one time. This is known as THE SYNODIC CYCLE.  For reference: the shortest Synodic month in the 100 years 2001 to 2100, is 29 days, 6 hours and 35 minutes, and will occur in the later part of June and the beginning of July 2053. The longest month of 29 days, 19 hours and 45 minutes occurred in December of 2017 to January of 2018, giving a maximum variation of only 13 hours and 12 minutes.  This means that the variation cannot be more than one day in the count of the Sacred Calendar. (For more understanding reference: https://www.astropixels.com)

In the Gregorian calendar, which we presently use, and base everything we relate to time, 12 months equals one year. Beginning at creation, God’s calendar of 12 rotations of the moon about the earth is the first year. However, this first cycle is eleven days short of the 365 day solar year. As the earth continues moving around the sun, on its second trip, which is year 2, after 24 cycles of the moon about the earth, it is now 21 days short of the second solar year. This shows there is not a direct correlation between the two cycles; the Gregorian month and God’s moon month.

On the third trip of the earth around the sun the moon has enough time to make 13 cycles, or moon months. At that point it is still one day short of the solar year.  This clearly shows that it is the travel time of the earth and moon about the sun that dictates the addition of a 13th month, proving that it is the travel time that dictates the 13th month, not the spring equinox or any celestial phenomenon; hence, the connection to the flood event of 385 days.

As the earth continues to circle the sun it does not regain its original position until after 19 years. At the end of 19 years the moon, earth and sun come back into alignment as it was at the start of creation.  This presents another problem needing to be addressed. This alignment point does not fall on the same day of the week that it began on at creation, which was a Sunday. It takes 13 of these 19 year cycles, or 247 years for the first day of the 248 years to be the first day of the week – a Sunday – which was the same day on which the creation began.  Regardless of what one might see in the sky the Passover will occur on a Saturday of the 248th year.

This overlooked truth is important to God, which makes it important for man!

This means that every seventh day and each Holy Day was set at creation; and would not be set by the vagaries of men sighting the moon, but set by the mathematical process of the Metonic cycle, which are the movements of the earth, moon and the sun. Throughout this process the 7-day creation week is maintained.  It is the first rule of God’s calendar, and cannot be broken.


For I am the LORD, I do not change; therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob.”
-Malachi 3:6 (NKJV)


“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”
-James 1:17 (NKJV)


Because each seventh day is repeated in the same order in the 247 – year cycle, it also means that every High Day will fall on a fixed day in those 247 years. That is precisely what this work of His Sacred Calendar proves. 

This calendar tracks time beginning with the week of creation, and continues on to show the present day of the week, perfectly fitting into the Metonic cycle.  This proves that the day we presently call Saturday is the repetition of the original seventh day of creation, and is one constant that cannot be moved. All other numbered dates are subject to this prime number seven. There are no exceptions!

By solving this mystery, every time stamp in the Bible is connected to the exact DAY!  All can be confident knowing the Father has a plan which He has enacted from the very beginning.

Furthermore…………What does this mean? The Bible needs no outside source for verification. It proves itself to be the truth.

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