As this is a timeline of the bible we need to first understand what constitutes time. Have you ever considered when time began and what it is? Without two events being tied together there is no meaning to the measurement of time. 


Video Timeline #02 MAN’S PURPOSE

Continuing to reveal the true timeline will put to rest all the innuendoes and false ideas so many have about the historic value of the Bible.  As we move away from the creation narrative discussed in the previous video, a foundation of truth must be laid. Ask yourself what does the Father and Christ want to accomplish through this act of creation?



The creation week through the patriarchs will be covered in this third presentation of the timeline. Before adding a year to the creation narrative it must be established, by a biblical account, that thirteen cycles of nineteen years each was factually God’s method of tracking time.  What was the bible event that shows the Metonic cycle to be the structure that God used to mark time?  It was the worldwide flood, and the record of the length of time it lasted.



The great challenge that has been thrown in the face of God’s people has been the physical enormity of the worldwide flood. All people are amazed by the magnitude of the worldwide flood; the whole world being immersed in water, causing most to miss the important log of time preserved by Noah in this account, including the scholars and chronologist. He recorded an accurate account of the passage of time of the flood year. This is the hidden message of how God records and measures time, proving the historical accuracy of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The timeline presented here places every important event of the bible in its correct date order.   



It should be emphasized that God, by declaring the passage of time in days, months and years has placed before mankind a mathematical progression of time, proving that He created the universe, and also time by which He has proven to be the great creating God.

Abraham Leaving Haran to the Exodus

Video Timeline #06 Abraham Leaving Haran to the Exodus

Many chronologists attempt to continue tracking time from Abraham to the Exodus by the birth and death of Abraham’s descendants. This method will only take them to the death of Joseph, and from there it jumps to the birth of Moses leaving an undetermined amount of time when using the method of births and deaths.  Would the Bible not have an answer?  

From the Exodus to the first Pentecost

Video Timeline #07 From the Exodus to the first Pentecost

The beginning of 1528 BC, or 2519 AM, marks the birth of the nation of Israel. The nation began with just Abraham and Sarah, and blossomed into a nation of over two million people in just 430 years. Exodus 12:37. "Then the children of Israel journeyed from Rameses to Succoth, about six hundred thousand men on foot, besides children."


Video Timeline #08 EXODUS TO JOSHUA 5

To have an accurate timeline it must be understood that the events recorded in the Bible do not always happen in the order preserved by chapter number or book, they need to be understood where they actually occur by the historic events being described.

Exodus to the Dedication of the First Temple at the beginning of the Jubilee Year.

Video Timeline #09 Exodus to the Dedication of the First Temple at the beginning of the Jubilee Year.

God is meticulous in His tracking of time, which is proven in every declaration recorded in the Bible.  He is not just precise in just years, or even in months, but to the exact day an event occurred. This has been shown in our past presentations of this timeline, and will be shown to be accurate to the present seven day week. 

Crucifixion of Christ to the destruction of the first temple.

Video Timeline #10 Crucifixion of Christ to the destruction of the first temple.

Now we come to the final presentation of this time line series which will take us from the Crucifixion of Christ to the destruction of the first temple. It will connect our present day calendar to what has been given thus far which showed the tracking of time from the seven day week of creation to the dedication of the first temple Solomon built in 3999 AM or 948 BC. 


Biblical Calendar Proof

 Verse proving God's passages of timesThe Bible should always be the main source of knowledge. Yet today it is the most maligned book in existence.  Unfortunately many routinely declare that this book has no historic basis or any relevance for modern man. 

The Bible was brought to the new world as a document that held wisdom and truth - and was the basis of all education. Since the book, The Origin of the Species by Darwin in 1859 it has taken a mere one hundred and sixty years to reduce the bible to its ignominious position in today’s society.  

The time has come to re-establish the Bible to its rightful place, bringing forth truth and wisdom.  Through the timeline of the Bible presented here, historical events are dated accurately, accounting for every day, beginning with the seven day week of creation, through today and beyond. This sequence of seven days is proven by the Calendar Generator. 

It is through the use of the seven day creation week, determined by the movement of the earth and moon as they circle the sun that proves the Bible as God’s word. This movement that God has given to us is His giant clock in the sky.

As God’s word to man, the Bible places every account of time to His clock, proving that only an all-intelligent all-creating God could have designed this. 

This chronology, demonstrated by the Calendar Generator on this website, mathematically establishes this biblical truth. See, understand and prove for yourself this marvelous mind opening truth of God’s Sacred Calendar.