360-Day Year Not Biblically Provable

Some teach that the cycle of the earth moving around the sun was originally 360 days, believing that as a result of the Noachian Flood God changed the length of the year to the present 365.242 day year. First, there is nothing biblically that can be pointed to support this belief. The 365 day year was in effect from the beginning of time. This is a provable fact!

Errors that Nullify the Jewish Calendar

A criticism that is leveled against the Jewish system (Hebrew system) of setting the Passover date for any year requires that they look to the first of Tishri—Feast of Trumpets. They then figure backward to establish the Passover of that year. This logic appears faulty until one knows that their belief that the first day of Tishri was the first day of creation.

However this belief creates the insurmountable problem of not having the first day of the creation week beginning on a Sunday as explained by the following information.

Setting the Sacred Calendar

Ask yourself these questions.  When did God create Adam and Eve? When did He destroy all living beings except those on the ark?  God’s word contains many historical dates which take on a greater meaning when they are shown to reflect the creation week.  This article will explain how God tracks time and how He set His Sacred calendar for all mankind to understand.  His calendar is not determined by what is observed in the present skies. It was set at creation by the seven day week.

La Inundación de Noé y el Calendario de Dios

En vista de las recientes inundaciones sin precedentes en los Estados Unidos, he decidido revisar el relato de la inundación de Noé en Génesis 7 y 8. Este estudio resultó en que llamara mi atención la detallada cronologia del paso del tiempo mientras tomaban lugar los eventos de la Inundación. Estos eventos nos son dados, inspirados por Cristo, la Palabra, en una cronologia de dias y meses a través de la cual Dios revela un sistema para medir el tiempo que es paralelo a los cálculos actuales del Calendario Hebreo.