How Does God Mark Time?

This question is fundamental, and the answer is important! Knowing His system and its parts gives an unshakable confidence in His word, the Bible, a book which relates man’s history from the first breath to the present existence and beyond.

There is a provable system* which traces Biblical time and ties it to our present Gregorian calendar. It is an absolute proof of the Bible, so profound that it cannot be opposed. This is especially true if the core proof is based on the simple mathematical principal of the addition of seven, beginning with the creation week of seven literal days, and coming forward to today.

The proof of this lies in being able to see three different calendars that align independently through the function of the seven day week. The solar calendar is based on the earth making one complete orbit of the sun. The Hebrew Calculated calendar is based on 247 years of the cycle of the moon circling the earth and its return to the initial starting point. And third, the present day Gregorian calendar which uses the seven day week.

Each year in the fall an announcement is made that the Jews are celebrating Rosh Hashanah. This celebration day is set by the Hebrew Calculated calendar, which has thirteen cycles of nineteen years each, totaling the 247 years of moon cycles. The Hebrew Calculated calendar shows that presently we are in the seventh cycle. However, it is marked by a Gregorian day of the week, a monthly day and year. As an example the year 2015 has Monday, Sept. 14th, Rosh Hashanah, as that day, and is the last year of the seventh cycle of the Hebrew Calculated calendar.

Through the use of simple addition and subtraction, the Solar calendar, composed of the seven day weeks of years, matches the weekly cycle of the Gregorian calendar 2015, with the year 6061 AM (Solar). Once this alignment is made the weekly and yearly dates of all three calendars are always in agreement.

*The Calendar Generator found on the website shows the alignment of the three calendars for every year beginning with creation. The accuracy of this work can be checked by looking up dates, such as, Dec. 7th, 1941, which shows the day of the week for this historic event. The Generator can be checked by using any known date. This information makes the Bible an unimpeachable source of historic truth.

– Don Roth (4/6/16)


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