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Biblical Calendar Proof

Proving the Biblical Calendar Since the Beginning of Mankind

View Some of the Significant Dates

Event Date
Creation of the World 1AM (After Man)/
4046BC (Before Christ)
The Year the Flood Began 1661AM/2386BC
Abraham's Birth 2014AM/2033BC
Isaac's Birth 2114AM/1933BC
Abraham is Prepared to Sacrifice Isaac 2147AM/1900BC
Jacob's Marriages 2258AM/1789BC
Joseph Sold into Slavery 2282AM/1765BC
The Exodus & First Israelite Passover 2519AM/1528BC
Israelites Entered the Promised Land 2559AM/1488BC
King David's Birth 3018AM/1029BC
1st Temple Dedication 3099AM/948BC
1st Temple Destruction 3524AM/523BC
Declaration to Rebuild Jerusalem 3593AM/454BC
2nd Temple Dedication 3642AM/405BC
Jesus Christ's Birth 4042AM/5BC
Jesus Christ Was Baptized, Fasted 40 Days, Was Tempted by Satan, His Ministry Began 4072AM/26AD
Jesus Christ's Crucifixion, Death, & Resurrection 4076AM/30AD
2nd Temple Destruction 4116AM/70AD

Biblical Calendar Proof

 Verse proving God's passages of timesThe Bible should always be the main source of knowledge. Yet today it is the most maligned book in existence.  Unfortunately many routinely declare that this book has no historic basis or any relevance for modern man. 

The Bible was brought to the new world as a document that held wisdom and truth - and was the basis of all education. Since the book, The Origin of the Species by Darwin in 1859 it has taken a mere one hundred and sixty years to reduce the bible to its ignominious position in today’s society.  

The time has come to re-establish the Bible to its rightful place, bringing forth truth and wisdom.  Through the timeline of the Bible presented here, historical events are dated accurately, accounting for every day, beginning with the seven day week of creation, through today and beyond. This sequence of seven days is proven by the Calendar Generator. 

It is through the use of the seven day creation week, determined by the movement of the earth and moon as they circle the sun that proves the Bible as God’s word. This movement that God has given to us is His giant clock in the sky.

As God’s word to man, the Bible places every account of time to His clock, proving that only an all-intelligent all-creating God could have designed this. 12

This chronology, demonstrated by the Calendar Generator on this website, mathematically establishes this biblical truth. See, understand and prove for yourself this marvelous mind opening truth of God’s Sacred Calendar.


Don’s Biblical research is now available online as free videos and audio files. See the evidence for yourself and learn the mathematical explanation for the Biblical calendar with Don’s free Biblical resource.